Down N’ Out Takes Pokémon To The Next Level With PokéBurgers

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The Pokémon phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down. There are all kinds of Pokémon meet-ups, events, and themed-restaurants to choose from. Australian burger chain Down N’ Out decided to add some Pokémon to the menu. They recently added 3 flavors of Pokéburgers to match the color and personality of their character. These PokéBurgers are all the rage in Australia and folks are trying to catch them all before they bounce on September 3rd.

The burgers are heavily influenced by the Charmander, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur game characters. The Charmander Burger is a spicy situation with cheese. The Bulbasaur Burger is more of a regular burger with a lot more greens going on and the Pikachu Burger is a burger decorated with Tiger Fries as ears. These Burgers go for about $15 AUD a pop, just over $11 in US dollars. These burgers are not made to order. Pokédiners can’t choose which burger they want. When ordered, the burgers are randomly picked for customers so there’s no telling which one folks might get. Check out the Down N’ Out‘s Instagram feed for additional images and let us know which burger you’d want to try.

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