Camping 101: Spend The Night on A NYC Rooftop

When it comes to camping, there are a lot of different ways to get it done. Between the bug count, weather, and the possibility of bear sightings, some people are not with it. Spending time in the wilderness is not an option for some. Bivouac delivers a unique camping experience, for free. They offer up rooftop camping in New York City with the cityscape as the backdrop.

During late spring and early fall, folks can partake in a unique tented experience on a rooftop. Bivouac has six tents available, each fitting two adults. There is access to a library and plenty of conversations with other campers. There is no wifi or electronic devices allowed so unplugging for a few hours is mandatory. Guests are asked to bring one communal food item to share with the group. Sleeping bag, blankets, and pillows are also required. This is a great way to gain the camping experience with a very NYC feel to it…just watch out for the ledge. Visit Bivouac to find out how to get in on this pretty cool outdoor experience.

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