Play On Playa! The Nintendo Room at Airbnb

People have taken their Airbnb options to a whole ‘notha level. Instead of simply renting out a room with all the trimmings, people are starting to get creative with it. Airbnb offers up a variety of vacation spaces that fit everyone’s needs. There is a room in Lisbon, Portugal that is every video game lover’s dream. The Nintendo Room in Lisbon, Portugal allows guests to go all in while away on vacation.


Airbnb’er Andre Farina offers the room for rent in Lisbon. At 60 bucks a night, this is a great option for room & board while abroad. This one room situation has only one double bed but the accessories on hand…priceless. The room is equipped with all kinds of Nintendo brand gaming systems. From GameBoys to Wii systems to game systems, a person could spend all kinds of time in here, playing games. The nearby bathroom is equipped with Nintendo hardware as well. Check out the layout of this place and click here to reserve.


Photo Credit: Airbnb

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