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New York City is full of delicious foodie spots. Tucked away in the Puck Building on Mulberry Street is The Chef’s Club. The Chef’s Club is an amazing restaurant that serves up delicious dishes. The roster of resident chefs is incredible. They come in from restaurants all over the world to cook up their most delicious dishes.

img_3945The menu options range from burgers to lamb chops, to roasted vegetable salads and platters. The menu has something for everyone’s taste. Happy Hour is the wave with their dollar oysters and cocktails. The cooks at the Chef’s Club take their skill to the next level. The visiting chefs whip up their specialty dishes with the exact ingredients they need, nothing less. The open kitchen design allows patrons to watch the chefs while they work. Their technique is on display for all to see.

The vibe of the restaurant is relaxing and stylishly chic. There is a giant, thousand poundimg_5422  Himalayan Salt Rock hanging from the ceiling. The dim lighting sets the perfect dinner mood. The tables are spaced just right and not on top of one another. There is nothing more annoying than sitting too close to your “table neighbors”. The gallery of hand-sketched portatraits adds a nice touch to the main dining area. Visit here for additional information, upcoming events, and table reservations.


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