Lyft Alert! DJ Khaled Poses As Lyft Driver In NYC

When it comes to using Lyft, you never know what driver you’re going to get. They drive around picking people up and take them to the their destination. Lyft is on point with their passenger pranks. They’ve had celebrities pose as actual Lyft drivers and scoop up passengers. Their latest prank, featuring DJ Khaled as the driver, was a huge success. He disguised himself as Billy the Locksmith and picked people up. His hat and sunglasses did the trick because some of his passengers had NO CLUE that it was him.

DJ Khaled seems like someone you could never not recognize. When he pulled up to pick up his passengers, some recognized him on the spot. Others, were not so sharp. They had full blown conversations with him until they reached their destination. He dropped “Major Keys” and even dropped a few hints. He talked about his “Lion” and how his job as a locksmith enables him to have the “keys”. The funniest part was when he asked a passenger what she thought of DJ Khaled. Her response was funny but his comeback was even funnier. Press play up top to see how it all went down.

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