R4L’s Top 5 Lessons Learned From STARZ Original Series ‘Power’

STARZ pushed through with their Original Series, Power. The edgy, drama series has been on for three seasons and continues to peak our interest after every episode. Even though we all know this is TV life, not real life…there are some serious life lessons that come attached with almost every episode. There is a point on every show that causes you to scream at the TV and offer your real-life solution to a situation.


You would think that the characters would know better in certain situations but clearly that’s not the case. We watched Ghost, Tommy, and a list of characters get betrayed, duped, tricked, and even killed because they thought they were on top of their game but they weren’t. Below are our Top 5 Life Lessons the show taught us so far. Even though season four is being prepped as we speak, the last three episodes definitely shed light on a few situation. Check out the list and see if any of the below are eye-opening revelations for you.


  1. Tracfones really can be tracked. Just ask Mike (the Leak) and the Feds. While they may not keep the content, the numbers used on the device, or be attached to a monthly bill, there is a higher government power that can see all the info we can’t.
  2. When a woman’s fed up…There ain’t nothing you could do about it. Both Tasha and Angela taught Ghost that lesson the hard way.
  3. Keep your enemies close. But not too close because they can infiltrate your family on all levels.
  4. Pay attention to your kids. The man you thought you murdered could come back to become his homie.
  5.  Loyalty can be tested and bought.

Look for Power to air every Sunday on STARZ at 9pm ET

Power Season 3 2016

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