Barista Art | Lattes With An Artistic Twist

People go above and beyond to start their day with a fresh cup of Joe. Barista Michael Breach took serving cups  of coffee to the next level. He went from a regular Barista to a BaristaArt artist in no time. He started sketching images in the foam of lattes and serving them up for his customers.


Breach can draw just about anything with the foam on your latte. Whether it’s your self-portrait or a picture of your favorite celebrity, he manages to get it right every time. He is fast and efficient as he creates literal mug shots on your Cup of Joe. He’s so good at what he does, he quit both his Barista jobs to work full time as a Barista Artist. He has celebrity clients like Disney and can be booked for private events. According to his Linked in, he wants to publish a coffee table book showcasing some of his work. Check out some of his creations and visit his Instagram page to see what he’s coming up with next.


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