Need A Superhero? Luke Cage Is That Dude

Netflix continues to keep the hit series coming. Earlier this month, they released their new streaming list for September. There are some dope returning series and new shows on deck. The highly anticipated Luke Cage, a new Netflix original series about one of Marvel’s first African American superheroes, is one of them. Back in the 1970’s when Blaxploitation films were a thing, Luke Cage was introduced to the people as a counter-response to all of that.

Netflix continues to keep the hit series coming.

The title character, Luke Cage, is a man from New York City who lives in Harlem. Mike Colter plays the role, which is basically that of a superhero who is a wrongfully convicted ex-con with bulletproof skin. The show’s cast made the storyline pop. Rosario Dawson, Alfre Woodard, and Theo Rossi are just a few of the actors that help bring the story to life. There are a quite a few celebrity cameos as well.

The show’s creator, Cheo Hodari Choker, went above and beyond to bring this series to life. He channeled a variety of social issues and topics in this series and name drops some of the culture’s heavy hitters. Like most Netflix series, this one will definitely be worth the chill. Press play above to see the trailer and look for the Luke Cage series to drop via Netflix on September 30.

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