Jay Z x Spike TV Announce “Time: The Kalief Browder Story”

It’s no secret that police brutality and the injustices of the justice system are a problem in the United States. We’ve all heard countless stories of civilians getting caught up in the system but the story of Kalief Browder hits home for most. Jay Z decided to take his story and turn it into a documentary series for all the world to see. He teamed up with the Weinstein Company and Spike TV to make it happen and they announced the project during a news conference earlier this month.

This docu-series sheds light on a serious problem that is affecting Black men in the United States. Look for the series to air January 2017

Kalief Browder was arrested when he was just sixteen years old. However things played out, he ended up at the infamous Rikers Island Correctional Facility. He remained there for three years in solitary confinement with no information of a trial or a release date. In 2013 he was released and had plans to move on with his life. When Jay Z heard about his story, he wanted to talk to him. After a lengthy conversation, Hov offered Browder encouragement to keep moving forward. Sadly, two years after his release, Browder committed suicide.

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