Michelle Obama Inks an Op-Ed Feature for The FADER

The Obamas were definitely a First Family like we have never seen before. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, has style, grace, and is very connected to a variety of people of all ages. As the Obamas prepare to make their exit from the White House, they are giving us a little extra. Whether it’s appearing on TV Shows or making epic speeches with a sarcastic twist, they are definitely going out with a BANG!

Michelle Obama can do just about anything. She can spit bars with James Corden and shoot hoops with LeBron James. She recently gave us a taste of her literary skills when she wrote an Op-Ed article about  higher education for The Fader Magazine’s ‘The America’ issue.

Her article focuses on the importance of a higher education and how to utilize the benefits of Financial Aid. She hopes to make the application process easier for people to apply for college financial aid.

Student loans help too but that Sallie Mae payback is serious…

The placement of this article is perfect as it is in the midst of everything cool and trending. While readers are checking out their favorite celebs and fashions, they can check-in with reality for some help planning their future. Check out the full article here and look for it to hit the stands this month. The full article is available  online via The Fader.com.

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