No Mas! POTUS Lifts The Ban On Cuban Cigars & Rum


Photo Credit: Boston Globe

President Obama will be leaving the White House soon. A lot of folks are sad to see POTUS go. While there were many people who were adverse to some of his actions, he made a lot of big moves these past few years. He undid a lot of things that were done wrong, namely the ban on Cuba. He recently lifted the Cuban embargo to repair and encourage the relationship after decades of separation.

Aside from doing away with the embargo, POTUS also lifted the limits on Cuban Cigars and rum. This probably means the U.S. is looking to increase imports and exports with Cuba. What better way to start than with Cigars and Rum! As things continue to lighten up over there, travel options to the country continue to become available. Airline companies are planning more flights and offering special prices and packages. In the coming years, we will definitely see a lot of changes to the area.  While rum and cigars are an exciting addition to our imports, first up for sale is coffee!

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