ROCking Out To ‘Atlanta’: The Playlist Available on TIDAL


Donald Glover gave us a good reason to watch TV. His new series Atlanta, debuted on FX Networks last month. If you haven’t watched it, you need to. It is all that and then some. The series Atlanta is definitely on a short list of Top 5 TV Shows to binge watch. The show storyline sheds light on the grit and grime of the music industry and the effects on those who indulge. The plot and cast of characters are on point and the show soundtrack is clutch.

The tracks for this series sets a vibe that parallels the dopeness of the show.

One thing for sure, good shows almost always have dope music. The show songs consist of a really cool blend of old and new music. Each song plays at the absolute right moment. The songs from the show come from a variety of artists including Bill Withers, Migos, and Donald Glover. There are some tracks that are original songs that have not yet been released. They are not curated for streaming yet but, we’ll find them.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled an ‘Atlanta’ playlist on TIDAL, which gives you easy access once you subscribe. We will be adding to the playlist after each episode.Once you subscribe to TIDAL, follow the playlist so you don’t miss any updates. Press play above to check it out and don’t forget to tune in to Atlanta on FX Networks, Tuesday 10 PM ET.

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