What A Ride! Gronk Works As Lyft Driver For The Day

Lyft is notorious for doing really cool things with famous people. Their celeb feature, Undercover, is pretty dope. It creates an intimate fan situation. They record people riding around with a celeb undercover. Lyft loves to prank their riders with high profile people disguised as their drivers for the day. Their most recent worker was Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots Tight End. Gronk squeezed himself into the Lyft whip and picked up some unsuspecting passengers. He wasn’t his usual self, he was wearing a wig, shades and hat.

Despite his rather playful personality, Gronk tried to strike up some pretty interesting conversation with his passengers. All rode the entire time with him and didn’t suspect a thing. One guy even said he met him at a bar once…that got awkward fast.

Check out the clip as Gronk rode around New England chattin’ it up. He even made his passengers yell “THE GRONNNKKKKKK” and spike the ball upon exit.

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