In These Streets | Take A Graffiti Walking Tour Through NYC

There is so much to see in New York City. The artistic and img_7414creative influence is strong. Even though there are museums and galleries sprinkled all over, there is art everywhere. The streets, buildings, and walls have become a major part of the art world.

Graffiti and street artists take to the neighborhoods to showcase their talents. Whether it’s graffiti on the walls or sculptures in a garden, this kind of art makes communities look amazing. If exploring the street art and graffiti culture is on your agenda, Graffiti Walking Tours might be the thing for you.

Whether you’re a native NY’er or a tourist, these walking tours are a great way to see New York City neighborhoods.

img_7030The tours are mapped out to see some of Brooklyn and Manhattan’s dopest graffiti and street art pieces. Murals are a big deal in NYC and they cover the walls in some of the city’s most popular areas. SoHo, Bushwhick, and the Lower East Side are popular mural spots. Whether you’re in town for vacay or just kicking it on the weekend, these course are the perfect way to spend the day. Street Art Walk, Graff Tours, Brooklyn Unplugged, and Hush Tours offers up some really cool walks.

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