Monday Motivation: The “You Betta Vote” Election Day Playlist

This is it folks. Election Day is tomorrow. Times are extremely tense right now as we have to go to the polls and vote in a new fearless leader. Keeping Obama in office isn’t an option, although it should be. The candidates we have to choose from are an interesting cast of characters.

today-is-voting-day-for-public-school-districts-across-new-york-state-t0vym4-clipartThe You Betta Vote: Election Day playlist will hopefully serve as the soundtrack to your voting experience. The songs on this playlist are politically charged and will get you hype at the polls. Some of the songs can serve for the soundtrack for today, tomorrow, and probably the next four years. A few of these songs are almost twenty years old and it’s crazy how the sentiment is exactly the same as today. It’s not crazy…but one would think that times have changed. Well they haven’t, hence why voting tomorrow is so important. Press play on the stream above as you head to the polls and subscribe to TIDAL to follow all of ROC4LIFE’s playlists.

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