Can’t Cook? R4L’s Top 5 Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner

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If greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, etc isn’t on your menu, we may be able to help you get a meal on Thanksgiving. Not everyone is a master in the kitchen. During the Holidays, cooking seems to be a necessary skill. Thanksgiving is around the corner and trying to secure a seat at someone’s table might be tough. If your last minute plans fell through or you just don’t plan on cooking this year, we have some info of you. Restaurants are becoming increasingly popular during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The task of cooking and cleaning can be a drag. Restaurants for the Holidays are the perfect alternative! There are a bevy restaurants offering up a full course Dinner on Thanksgiving.

Depending on your taste in grub will determine where you’ll want to eat. From Thai options to turkey sandwiches at Katz’s, there is definitely something for everybody. We tried to mix it up and give you a little bit of everything to choose from. Check out these spots below and hit them up ASAP for reservations.

Delicatessen is serving up Thanksgiving dinner for $62 a person. It includes an appetizer, main dish, and dessert.


Katz’s Deli is offering up two options for Thanksgiving. You can either sit down for an all-you can eat situation or pick-up some of the Thanksgiving options they are serving.


Miss Lily’s 7A is offering up a $48 per person and a la carte  Thanksgiving dining experience. The Caribbean-themed dinner menu includes steamed callaloo, jerk turkey breast with gravy, and of course mac & cheese.


RedFarm is offering up some delicious Dim Sum and Noodle Thanksgiving dinner options. For more information, visit the website.


The Nomad is offering up a delicious three-course meal for Thanksgiving that includes foie gras with beef carpaccio and roasted turkey with butternut squash and chestnuts.


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