Season 1 of Insecure Goes Out With A Bang… Literally.

Just like that, Season 1 is done! The episode before the finale was messy AF and Issa basically burned all her bridges. Her BFF and Boyfriend are done with her. She and Molly got into it and Lawrence figured out she cheated with Daniel. Her ability to “fix” things isn’t that great so watching the finale play out was painful.

Even though she was calling Lawrence to try and reconcile, she was saying all the wrong things. She even went to his job to try and talk to him which ended up being an automatic fail. When you mess up in such a way, begging and groveling is key. She did absolutely none of that. On the other side of the coin, her Girls Trip to Malibu was a little “awkward”. She and Molly weren’t meshing well at all and everyone noticed. It wasn’t until Issa stood up for Molly during an an impromptu friend-bashing session in the hot tub. After that, they got back into the swing of their friendship.

The writing and acting for this show are on point! The ending took everyone by surprise when we saw Lawrence and the bank teller getting it in. It wasn’t the sweet studio session that Issa and Daniel had. It was a full-on bang session. She’d been chasing him for a while and thanks to Issa, he walked right into that. Although he went back to the crib like she told him to, he basically picked up his stuff and bounced. He did leave that Best Buy shirt behind tho… That was a sure sign that he was done.

It’s gonna be hard but we will watch reruns and patiently wait for Season 2.

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