Brownies We Love | Fat Witch Bakery, Chelsea Market NYC

Like cookies, brownies fix everything. There is nothing like eating a yummy, chocolatey brownie and savoring the flavor in each bite. Since today is National Brownie Day, it’s only right to pay homage to one of our favorite locations. Fat Witch Bakery in Chelsea Market (New York City), makes the most delicious brownies, blondies, and bars.

slide4b2xIf you’ve never experienced a Fat Witch then today is the day you get your life. The bakery is stocked with all kinds of witches a.k.a. brownies. There’s Caramel Witches, Fat Witches, and even an Emerald City Witch. The Breakfast Witch goes perfect with a glass of milk and the Double Chocolate Witch speaks for itself. Never walk in there with an empty stomach because purchasing one of everything is inevitable. If you are a baker and like to bake your own, the Fat Witch Bakery Cookbook is a must have. Fat Witch Brownie mix is also available for baking witches at home. The online Recipe File is for the more experienced baker that wants to get it in at home. Fat Witch updates new brownie recipes once a month. Brownies are also a great holiday gift. You can order online and have it packaged and delivered before the holidays.

Today is the perfect day to go on a witch hunt. Hit Chelsea Market or click here to get your Witch hunt on.

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