Fencing. Fashion. Fun. | Corkcicle Celebrates Sword and Sound

corkcicle_swordsound-6Corkcicle is one of the leading names in the beverage game. Last night they presented Sword and Sound, a celebration of fashion, fencing, art, and music. Some of the best of the best in the sport came out to help celebrate and show off the art and skill of fencing. Model Adriana Lima was on hand to partake in a match with World Champion fencer Miles Chamley-Watson a.k.a. The Modern Day Zorro. Ibtijai Muhammed (Team USA, fencing), Daryl Homer (Team USA, fencing), Bolade Apity (Team France, fencing), and Renal Ganeyev (Team Russia, fencing) were some of the fencing stars on in attendance to show us what they can do with a sword.


Whether it’s the VS catwalk or the Shop Studio Fencing Strip, Adriana Lima can make anything look good. She settled into an exhibition match with Miles Chamley-Watson and actually did pretty well. That match set the tone for the rest of the evening. Harlem native and Olympian fencer Daryl Homer and French Olympian Bolade Apity settled their own personal score with a match after that. Chamley-Watson is very tall and his height gives him an advantage. He can do some things that others cannot. Creative arm extensions and splits seem to be his specialty! While all this was happening, legendary Roots DJ Questlove kept the crowd dancing all night. Needless to say, there are some new Fencing fans after this event! Click the pics up top to see some of the recap photos in the gallery.

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