Top Spot | NYC Is The Most Photographed City On The Gram

Millions of people travel all over the world. Those same millions of people are posting and pinning their travels on Instagram. There are so many places to see but, The City That Never Sleeps got top honors this year. Word on the street is NYC was the most Instagrammed location in the world for 2016.

Despite the fact that there are a myriad of locations to see and visit around the world, New York City was the most popular. People love showing off and tagging NYC when they’re in town. Instagrammers shoot and post all kinds of images. Sunsets, skylines, skyscrapers, and food are all amongst the images that people post the most. The top scoring posts included images and geotags of Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Times Square. Native NY’ers also post up with a Geotag so that could be what gives this location a popularity push as well. It will be interesting to see who takes the top spot next year.

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