NYC Subway Scene | Second Avenue Gets An Upgrade

The MTA has been promising riders changes for years. They are finally getting ready to deliver. The Second Avenue Subway line is set to open at the top of the New Year. The Second Avenue line will take passengers up and down the Avenue from 96th to 63rd streets. They are putting the rush on the final touches for the stations. The M.T.A. Arts & Design department. Intricate art and design work has become a big thing in public spaces. A lot of thought goes into the presentation and design of the space.

The 4 Second Avenue stations were custom designed by the artwork of 4 artists. They were chosen back in 2009 and were given permission to put their own personal, artistic touch on the stations. Sarah Sze designed “Blueprint for a Landscape” for the 96th Street station. It can be seen down the escalators and on the concourse level at the station. Chuck Close added the self-portrait element to the 86th street station. Via Muniz created a moasic tile piece for the 72nd Street station. “Perfect Strangers” is a compilation of a variety of characters and people that would use the subway. Jean Shin added “Elevated” to the 63rd Street station. This tiled piece is an ode to the demolition and creation of the Second Avenue subway.

This line was rumored to be happening for quite some time. To see it finally come to life is epic. Check out the video above and look for the Second Avenue line to get rolling soon. The New York Times goes behind these scenes of construction so we can get a glimpse of what we’re getting.

Photo Credit: George Etheridge (NYT)

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