Reality Bites: Sunday Dinner Brings Family Together

imageSunday Dinner is a longstanding family tradition that was adapted across cultures. Sunday Roasts started in early 15th century Britain. As time moved forward, some cultures adapted the concept and turned it into Sunday Dinner. The importance of eating and sharing as a family is key to keeping the family together. This is a time to share, talk, and catch up with members of the family over a hearty meal.

During the week, everyone’s schedule is different so eating a meal every night as a family may not be possible. Planning to sit together as a family on Sundays is a great way to make it happen. Today is National Sunday Dinner Day and families all over are gearing up to share dinner together. A low-key holiday spread is served at a set time and every one meets, eats, and talks about what’s going on in their lives.

Some families have been involved in this tradition for years. They pass it down from generation to generation. They may cater it to fit their schedule and needs but the gathering still happens. In the movie Soul Food, we saw the family come together on a regular, as per a tradition started by Big Mama. The family would come together despite impending differences and share family time. Some families have turned it into a pot-luck situation, having everyone bring a dish that is enough to feed everybody.

Restaurants have tapped the culture as well. There are quite a few establishments that serve up a Sunday Dinner styled menu and accept large reservations. Families eating out during the holidays and on Sundays are becoming increasingly popular. This solves a myriad of problems like putting away the food and cleaning the kitchen. Having Sunday Dinner in a restaurant isn’t the same as sitting back and kicking it with the fam at home… but if that’s what works for you and yours then that’s great.

If Sunday dinner is not something you and your family already do, today is a great time to start. Spend National Sunday Dinner day with the fam and keep the family together for Sundays to come.

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