It’s Really Happening… The People Say Goodbye to President Barack Obama

This is a day we thought would never come. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are getting ready to exit the White House. This is not usually a sad transition but given the course of events, it’s going to be a difficult process. Despite the fact that President Obama wasn’t everyone’s first choice for the job, he goes down in history as one of the best to ever do the job.

The White House recently posted a very touching video. The video was an ode to President Barack Obama and the impression he made on people while he was President. Students, world leaders, and celebrities came together to say a few things about him and bid him a final goodbye. We, as a people, made such incredible progress while he was in office. He touched the lives of many, near and far. He was truly the people’s President and he legit cares about us. A lot of people have questions and wonder what the future holds for us. Needless to say, these next four years are going to be very different from what we’ve been experiencing. You too can go share your moment by clicking here and leaving a message. His final televised address takes place on Tuesday January 10, 2017. Be sure to grab some tissues…

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