Sister, Sister | Beyoncé & Solange Chat It Up For Interview Magazine

It’s one thing to sit down for a magazine interview. It is definitely something special when you sit down with your sister, who happens to be Beyoncé. The songstress sisters sat down for Interview Magazine and talked about everything from Parent Teacher Conference to misconceptions of strong woman to her adult and grown-up tone on her new album “A Seat At The Table”.

Beyoncé and Solange were always in the spotlight so they are not new to the game. Reading the dialogue between the two of them is epic! Beyoncé spoke of the time when she introduced Solange to Nas and she literally fanned out, “crying and acting a fool”. Solange did admit that the only other person that could make her do that to date is Diana Ross.

The sisters shared a childhood on Parkwood Drive in Houston, Texas. Their birthplace and hometown plays a huge part in what inspires that music and movements. So many talented creatives like Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad came from the same neighborhood. Their origins give them a dope foundation for telling their story and the stories of other people. We see that a lot in their music and in their visuals.

This is just a bit of the convo. The entire dialogue is very interesting. It is refreshing to see sisters vibe and converse in such a way. You can catch the entire interview here or pick up the most recent issue with Solange on the cover.

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