Sweets For The Sweet | 5 Valentine’s Day Treats That Trump Chocolate

For some, there is nothing better than chocolate. Other people could definitely do without it. Either way, Valentine’s Day is approaching and gift options need to be on point. Most people take the easy way out and gift their significant other some chocolate in a heart-shaped box. While it is the thought that counts, how about putting some thought into the gift choice.

Instead of going the chocolate route this year, how about you coming up with a sugary sweet gift option that is just as good. If you’re buying someone a V-Day gift, you’ve known them long enough to know what they like. After much discussion, we came up with a list of alternative sweet treats to give, instead of that heart-shaped, felt box of chocolate. Everyone doesn’t like those, especially if they don’t have the candy cheat sheet on the lid. By all means if your sig ot is a fan, then get one. If not, take a look at our list of sweet alternatives below and dare to gift different.

Krispy Kreme is offering up heart-shaped doughnuts for Valentine’s Day. These limited edition confections will be available from 1/20 until 2/14. The red and pink heart are creme filled while the one with sprinkles is plain. Bring a dozen of these home to your sweetie and he/she will love your forever (we hope).


If you’re Boo is a cookie-dough freak, this gift is for him/her. dō Cookie Dough has a Valentine’s Day Gift Pack that includes a flavor assortment of cookie-doughs. Valentine’s Day Cake Batter, Red Velvet, and Sugar & Kisses are just a few of the flavors available for purchase. You an order online or visit the newly opened shop in the West Village.


If your other half likes it cold, Cold Stone announced its specials for the holiday. They will be offering all kinds of Fudge Truffle items including ice cream, a frappe, an ice cream cake, and of course, the traditional monster size sundae with all the trimmings.


If cupcakes are his/her thing, Baked By Melissa is the way to go. The famed cupcake shop has specialty Valentine’s Day cupcakes and macarons that are outfitted in pink, red, chocolate, and white for the occasion.


If your love has an obsession with sweets, Economy Candy is the place to hit. They have every candy imaginable and a nice assortment could be put together. Whether it’s old school candy or new school flavor, coming through with a bag from this place will for surely get you a kiss or two.


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