Reality Bites | Vacation Is So Necessary

Watching Obama on vacation should be an inspiration to us all. Some of us work hard but don’t take the time to play hard. After eight long years of running the United States of America, President Barack Obama packed up and kicked back. He and Michelle went on an epic vacation to Moskito Island with none other than billionaire Richard Branson.

Kiteboarding, foil boarding, and straight up chilling The vacation has been playing out on social media almost daily. As the American people struggle with inexperienced members of the cabinet and clown Tweets, President Obama is getting it in, catching waves, and wearing his hat to the back. It is important to see him enjoying his life and recharging. He did us a great service and it is crazy watching this country unravel, right before our very eyes. The stress involved in making it look like it was all together must be crazy. These pictures popping up amidst the turmoil of reality will definitely give you life. His smile is everything.

Photo Credit: Jack Brockway

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