Surprise Tunes! DJ Khaled Drops “Shining” feat. Beyoncé and Jay Z

As soon as the Grammy’s wrapped up, I got a notification from TIDAL. It was letting me know that there was new music from DJ Khaled, Beyoncé, and Jay Z to be heard. Sure enough, I open up the app and there is the most adorable pic of Khaled’s son Asahd in a tuxedo. After cooing at the pic I pressed play…

“Shining” is an upbeat banger with Bey and Jay spittin’ lyrics with some Khaled ad libs in between. On first listen, your head nods. Beyoncé talks about feeling good regardless of whatever and how people can’t dull her shine. This is a feel good track and it was the perfect way to start the week. Shout out to Genius for being on their job because they were quick to point out some facts about the lyrics. Hov mentions his Grammy count while simultaneously shouting out 21 Savage…”21 Grammys I’m a savage, n*****.” Then he makes some references to his Platinum albums, and people talking numbers and summers *insert think face Emoji. Once can only speculate but it looks like Hov might be throwing some shots. Check the details here.

Whether he is or isn’t the song is still a banger. The song will most likely be on Khaled’s new album, Grateful. Khaled announced that his son Asahd is named Executive Producer for the album. As Exec. Prod., he can continue to receive royalty check off the album, even when he’s grown. Stream the song above and look for Khaled’s album to drop here.

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