Back At It | Aaron McGruder Set To Unleash A New Series

When Aaron McGruder set down his pen, many people didn’t know what to think. McGruder was the brains and creative force behind the comic strip-turned TV series, The Boondocks. The Boondocks was a source of explanation for people searching for the truth in the form of a cartoon. The famed comic strip was the funnybone of reality for years and when McGruder gave it up, we did too. If the Boondocks were still around today, this whole Trump situation might earn us a laugh or two. Needless to say, whatever the reason, Aaron McGruder is back at it. The famed writer is set to unleash a new series some time this year.

Word on the street is that McGruder has joined forces with Will Packer to create a new series that was bought by Amazon Studios. The series is allegedly focused around an “alternate universe” and the idea behind what the world would be like if World War II didn’t go down the way it did. While we may not get that full on dose of Boondocks reality, the sarcasm and real-life scenarios will be there in full force. It’s almost a guarantee that the current administration will be the topic of some conversation. The pair also worked on Girls Trip, an upcoming comedy flick featuring Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith. It is scheduled to release some time in July 2017.

While we will never get that cutting edge wit of the Boondocks again, it will be refreshing to see what McGruder comes up with next. There is no official release date for the project but the excitement of its release will keep us smiling for awhile.

Photo Credit: Matthew Hines / WENN

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