Are You Serious? | Oreo Launches Peeps Flavored Oreo Cookies

Peeps have to be one of the most taboo Easter snacks on the planet. The sugar-coated marshmallow candies end up in Easter Baskets all over the country. They’ve even started invading other holidays with their sweetness. We’ve spotted Ghosts and even Christmas Trees during their respective holidays. Now they’ve moved into the snack market and attacked Oreos. The Peeps Limited Edition Oreo cookie has arrived, and it’s just in time for Easter.

With use of Photoshop on the rise, these images seemed like the work of a creative at first glance. As you read the packaging, it becomes clear that these are in fact real cookies. The Golden Oreos are remixed with Pink Peeps Marshmallow filling while the Chocolate Oreos get Yellow filling (allegedly). For some this is a gift while others are convinced that this is a cookie-curse.

Oreo has been testing the waters with new flavors for quite some time…unveiling Limited Edition Red Velvet, Watermelon, and Cinnamon Bun flavored cookies. Needless to say, everyone is going to have an opinion about what they do and don’t like. If your curiosity gets the best of you, these Peep Flavored sandwich cookies are set to hit the shelves on February 22nd. Grab a pack and let us know what you think.

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