Rick Ross Spends 97 Seconds With Hot 97 | Video

Rick Ross has been out and about, being seen and heard before the release of his new album, Rather You Than Me. From listening sessions to Wingstop stops, he was in New York City heavy for the promo run. While he was here, he sat down with Hot 97 for “97 Seconds”, a quick interview video session.

“It’s Cool to Mop Floors Long as You Plot On Being an Owner”

Ross talked everything from meeting Kanye “when his beats were affordable” to the meaning of the song “Everyday I’m Hustlin’”. Ross is definintey hustling in the game as he has a few incomes coming in. Belaire and Wingstop are certainly filling his pockets but so are his album sales. This album is already making waves, with one track in particular. “Idols Become Rivals” (feat. Chris Rock), is a banger and it has a story to tell. Wonder if it’s going to bring out…nevermind!

Press play on the clip below to hear Rick Ross drop gems and talk about his journey in 97 Seconds with Hot 97. Be sure to check the album here.

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