It’s Happening | Dave Chappelle Lands On Netflix Tomorrow!

When Dave Chappelle announced that he was retuning to the comedy stage, people were rejoicing. He retired from the scene many years ago, leaving us in “Chappelle Show” withdrawal. Netflix saved the day when they offered the comedian $60 million to do a couple of shows, exclusively for them. He gladly accepted and got to work quick. While we love the comedians in current rotation, Chappelle brings his comedy to a whole ‘notha level. Two of his Netflix specials are set to debut tomorrow and we are excited to see what he brings to the screen.

Given all that’s happened in the world while he was on hiatus, Chappelle’s routines will definitely be packed with content. He recently broke the hiatus-ice with a hosting gig for SNL. His monologue was legendary as he delivered a Trump post-election spiel that was right on time. He made us laugh with his truth bombs and hard dose of reality. Something a lot of us need right now. Press play on the trailer above and check Netflix (on 3/20) for Chapelle’s latest gems.

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