WATCH: Get Your #5MinutesofFunk With Just Blaze

It’s Tuesday and Hot 97 & Just Blaze are here to help us get through the day. There are quite a few DJs that claim to be the best but there are only a few that fit the bill. DJ Just Blaze happens to be one of them. He is featured on Funk Master Flex’s #5MinutesofFunk and he gets some well deserved shine in the spotlight.

Just Blaze is a New Jersey Native who’s been DJing since the late 1980s. He has been inspired by some of the best and even shared turntables with them. He recently took over the Facebook Live stage with Swizz Beatz in an epic battle of the beats. That battle is still being talked about today. He is featured on Hot 97’s #5MinutesofFunk which gives DJs the spotlight for 5 minutes. They showcase their skills and show why they are deemed one of the greats. He played through quite a few Break Beats and cut them with precision. If you claim to know music,  listen to this mix and name the tracks he used in the comments section below.

Press play on the clip above to listen to Just Blaze get his #5MinutesofFunk on…Five minutes was certainly not enough though.

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