Pharrell Williams Revives His Childhood On Screen With ‘Atlantis’

Pharrell Williams continues to add amazing projects to his list of accomplishments. Aside from being one of the music industry’s hottest producers, he lends his talents to the fashion, footwear, and movie industries. His production on the Oscar nominated project Hidden Figures was amazing. With that, it looks like he’s going to continue down that path and create something even bigger. Pharrell is working on Atlantis, a movie-musical production that is based entirely on his life.

The screenplay is set to be inked by none other than Martin Hynes and Pharrell will play the producer seat. Word is, Atlantis is heavily inspired by Pharrell’s childhood in Virginia Beach. The movie will tell the story of Williams’ young life with a “Romeo and Juliet-ish storyline”. While there’s no telling how far the story goes, it is almost a given that this production is going to be entertaining. Williams chose Tony Award-winning Broadway director Michael Mayer to assist. ‘Atlantis’ is in the very beginning stages but it is no doubt that Pharrell and friends will have this project up and running soon.

Photo Credit Instagram/Twitter
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