Music We Like: Spotify Singles Features Earl St. Clair

There is something about a vintage sound that is attractive to a music lover’s ear. Earl St. Clair captures old school sound with a little modern influence. Two of his singles were recently featured on Spotify Singles, “Man on Fire” and “Water” (Ugly God Cover). Both of these songs are part of St. Clair’s seven song debut EP titled, My Name Is Earl.

St. Clair has a refreshing sound that is old-school but very relevant to today. He adds a soul-stirring emotion to his tracks that give each song personality. The feelings are raw and uncut with a very Bluesy feel to them. This is a very different version of R&B. It doesn’t have the sound of the R&B that we are recently used to hearing. St. Clair had a spot on the Late Late Show With James Corden and he will be hosting a monthly residence at Hotel Café in Los Angeles. The Cleveland crooner definitely did his thing on this first debut project and is making all the right moves.

Listen to My Name Is Earl here and be on the look-out as there’s more to come from Earl St. Clair.

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