Chris Rock Talks A Whole Lot of Smack with The Breakfast Club

Chris Rock is mad funny…there’s no question about that. He’s funny in movies, he’s funny during interviews, and even funnier on stage doing his stand-up routines. After taking a few years off, Rock decided to hit the road again with a new stand up routine. It’s been a long time but his return back to the stage is bittersweet. He’s been through some things, made some changes, and current events are pure comedy. His material is raw and nothing is off limits. He stopped by the Breakfast Club in New York City to give an update and talk about what’s been going on.

For starters, Chris Rock is very vocal on social media. He is extremely involved with what’s going on and has no problem voicing his opinion about it. During his interview, he spoke candidly about a lot of things including his divorce and how it affected him, family life, and the influence of other comedians. He dropped a lot of knowledge and gave us some insight as to how he’s thinking nowadays. The full interview can be seen here or press the clip below. Visit Ticketmaster to see if Chris Rock’s show is coming to your city and check him out.

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