Beat The Summer NYC Heat With These 5 Frozen Treats

Even though it’s May and winter coats are still in wardrobe rotation, we need to get all the way ready for summer. While some people are in the gym getting their bodies summer ready, other people are thinking about summer snacks. The summertime brings a whole different level of eating, especially when it comes to desserts and staying cool. There are all kinds of summer foods to chose from but the most popular ones are cold. They are the most effective at keeping people cool during the summer. They are usually full of flavor and low in calories which make them perfect for summer snacking.

We gathered a group of snacks that are must-eat this summer. From the flavorful ice chips from Piraguas carts to the traditional Mister Softee soft-serve, this list will definitely keep you cool.

  1.  Piraguas
    These shaved-ice treats come from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The Piraguas Carts can be found in areas like the Lower East Side and East Harlem in the summertime. The carts are equipped with ice shavers, an assortment of flavored syrups, a block of ice, and cups. The shaved ices are topped with the syrup and served out of a plastic cup. These are the most refreshing treats in the summertime.
  2. MikeyLikesIt Ice Cream Tucked away on the streets of the Lower East Side is the MikeyLikesIt Ice Cream Shop. Serving up some of the most delicious shakes, cups, and cones in a variety of interesting flavors. The flavors always change so coming back often is suggested.
  3. LaNewYorkina brings all the flavors of Mexico to the streets of New York City. Their ice cream and paleatas come with all the sabor de Mexico. There are about 40-50 flavors to choose from and they include combinations like Mango Chile, Pineapple Jalapeño, and Cafe con Leche. There are shops located in NYC and a Tiendita in BK. We’ve spotted the Paletas cart in Rockaway Beach and the Highline as well so there’s no excuse for not indulging. 
  4. 10Below Ice Cream | This Thai-style ice cream shop brings the ice cream shop experience to the next level. They roll their ice cream on a hypercold plate and serve it up plain or with toppings. Sometimes the lines get crazy so be prepared to wait. There are stores located on St. Marks, Allen, and Mott Streets in New York City. 
  5. Mister Softee | If you live in the hood, you already know what it is. No explanation needed. Be clear…if the jingle is not the authentic jam, stay away from the truck. 
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