You Already Know… This is Scary! | Alien: Covenant (Official Trailer)

Listen… there are quite a few movies out there that actually scare people. While it’s not so much about the killing and the gore, movies that have a solid storyline scare the best. Every movie in the ‘Alien’ series will scare the entire BEJeezus out of you for weeks on end. The latest film, Alien: Covenant, is no different. The latest installation of this sci-fi thrill-ogy brings all the scare you an imagine.

Flick genius Ridley Scott is the mastermind behind this space story that’s been playing out since the late 80s. It started with Sigourney Weaver as Ripley and we watched her go at acid-filled aliens with a vengeance. Here we are again, with a badass alien fighter-chick and her crew. This time, the crew is made up of couples that are on a colonization mission to explore a new place in space like Earth but better. This new place was fresh, clean, and vegetated. History in the making, they were looking for a new planet to reside. This new place seems perfect for living however there is one small problem. A colony of angry Aliens waiting to give new visitors the business.

If you’ve seen past Alien flicks, you know their potential and the thought of them popping out of those pods is frightening. This  colonization mission goes downhill fast as the Aliens waste no time and get to work . Cast includes the talents of Jussie Smollett, Carmen Ejogo, and Billy Crudup to name a few. The Alien-life form creatures show no mercy and will try to destroy everything in their way. Alien: Covenant drops this Thursday in select theaters. For a heads-up, check the official trailer below and be sure to catch this latest Alien thriller this weekend.

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