Oh SNAP! Instagram gets Face Filters And All That

People have been juggling between SnapChat and Instagram Stories for months now. Ever since IG Stories came into play, choosing between that and the Snap has become a first world problem. Well…Instagram just stepped their game up by implementing selfie filters so Instagram users can get in on the Snap filter fun. Copy much?

Not only did they add the bunny ears, nerd glasses, and flower crowns but users can reverse their video playback. So aside from Boomeranging it, you an actually make the videos go backwards. This is kind of cool for situations where users are blowing smoke, making it rain, or jumping in a pool. Seeing those happen in reverse make for epic visuals. It’s not just about the video playback though…there are some other pretty cool additions with this update.

Users can post with a unique erase brush feature that allows erase and reveal only certain parts of a post. There’s also a cool hashtag sticker feature that allows your InstaStories to be categorized in the hashtag like the posts. When users click on the hashtag sticker, their stories are compiled under the hashtag. Gotta check them quick before they disappear though.

SnapChat and Instagram are running neck and neck to see who’s the better app. At the end of the day, it boils down to user preference and what they’re really trying to achieve with their social media feed. Even though we are seeing copycat features across social media platforms, it all boils down to what the users want to do. Upgrade your Insta and hit up some of these new features. Which do you like better…IG or Snap?

Photo Credit: Instagram
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