Doughnutplant Makes ‘Doughflowers’ A Thing

Doughnutplant is responsible for introducing the world to some of the most delicious doughnuts. They take a lot of care in choosing the flavors they offer their customers. Whether it’s a Peanut Butter & Jelly or a Honey Bee Pollen situation, their doughnuts are always on point. They’ve been thinking outside of the box and came up with a really cool  idea. They created the “doughflower”. This flower shaped dessert is an actual doughnut, shaped and baked in the shape of a flower.

The doughnut flower is a really cool concept for creative treats and desserts. They come in a variety of “glazed” flavors including strawberry, rose, and Italian Blood Orange. Aside from being super cute, these doughflowers are pretty good for you. These are 100% vegan doughnuts and they taste like heaven. Doughnutplant doesn’t use eggs, artificial ingredients or preservatives to whip these up and they have no trans-fat. Imagine that? They are giving some other doughnut suppliers a run for their money. These doughflowers are available by themselves or by the dozen at all Doughnutplant locations.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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