What In The World Is An Avolatte?

This whole eating healthy and going green thing is getting out of hand. People are going through great lengths to keep their health in check at all costs. This time, they may have gone too far. The Truman Café in Melbourne, Australia created an interesting beverage. After a real estate tycoon’s rant about millennials and their inability to purchase homes because of spending habits, the Avolatte was born. He complained that us millennials can’t buy homes because we squander all our money on is “$19 avocado toast and $4 lattes.” Next thing you know…BAM! Avolattes arrived.

An Avolatte is a blend of avocado and a latte. It is served out of a half-hollowed avocado fruit. It is filled with espresso and topped with frothy milk and even foam. I mean, isn’t the skin hot? Doesn’t the liquid seep out? Does the skin fold? Is this even real? We have questions….

Sounds gross but apparently, it’s creating lots of buzz for the Truman Café. While we haven’t seen these in New York City as of yet, there is no doubt they will surface very soon…probably in Brooklyn. Hit Truman Cafe on Instagram (@trumancafealbertpark) or (@ozeatingwa) for more info on eats.

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