Reality Bites | 5 Reasons Why Riding The MTA Is So Horrible

New York City is blessed with a variety of options for getting around. There are subways, buses, bikes, and even horses that can get riders from Point A to Point B with precision. Choosing the best method of travel depends on the time of day and depending on the circumstances, there could be some issues with all of them. The MTA Subway system runs underground, away from the crowded streets of NYC. While it seems like it would be the fastest way to travel, truth be told, it’s not. The MTA Bus and Subway system continues to fail New Yorkers, making some of us late on a daily.

Going down into the depths of the MTA is often a total crapshoot. While you give yourself ample time to get to your destination, depending on what’s happening underground will determine if you will arrive on time or not. Most Mondays on the MTA are the devil and it usually results in a crappy morning commute. Going down without coffee is never suggested and making sure you have your headphones is a must.  While most of us are grateful for the ride, 9 times out of 10, the ride sucks. Whether its a sardine-style subway car or an hour long delay between stops, everyone has multiple reasons why they loathe the subway. After much conversation, we came up with the 5 main reasons why riding the MTA sucks so bad.

  1. Each subway car has a maximum capacity. For some reason, people think it’s okay to ignore those numbers and squeeze themselves into an already crowded subway car. There’s nothing like getting a running start from across the tracks to catapult yourself into the car. Being inches away from someone you don’t even know, first thing in the morning, is never an easy task.
  2. The hour long delays between stops is tragic. Having to take the train one stop and that one stop involves a delay is annoying. The conductors are getting creative with their delay announcements too. They warn passengers to “call their boss” or “Get Comfortable” when an extended delay is expected. **Brightside: the underground WiFi
  3. The automated Metro Card refill machines are always out of order. There is nothing like running into the train station to a machine that isn’t taking cash when you only have cash or is out of order. If this happens and your Metro Card is empty, you’re screwed. Token booth clerks are like unicorns and hopping the train is illegal so… yea.
  4. Even though most train lines and bus routes have a “schedule”, the trains and buses still come when they want. Buses like to arrive three at a time and then disappear for 30 minutes. The trains just do what they want.
  5. At one point, the MTA removed trash cans from the underground stations. This was supposed to reduce trash and discourage people from bringing trash into the subway. Needless to say it didn’t, the stations were a mess, and smelled a mess too. The rats had a field day and there was literally garbage everywhere. There’s nothing like riding in mess.
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