IKEA Taps The Talents of Virgil Abloh For Its Next Collection

We all want to have a fresh crib. Reality is, some of us can’t afford to have one. Paying rent in places like New York and Los Angeles is burning holes in people’s pockets. Filling a house or an apartment with  furniture is a process. IKEA made a major announcement that will change the furniture game for people around the world. They are teaming up with Virgil Abloh to design furniture that will make it easy (and affordable) to make your crib cool.

IKEA held their annual Democratic Design Days event which gives some insight into their upcoming projects for the year. While Abloh hinted at a collab with a “furniture company” earlier in the year, he didn’t specify which one. Marcus Engman, IKEA’s Head of Design, discussed the collab with Abloh and Parisa Amiri. This collection is aimed at giving young people access to design their first home how they want, without spending all their money. Designing your personal space is important and IKEA was already dishing out dope furniture. IKEA decor can be spotted in homes across the globe. This collab will push their designs to the next level and give people many more options.

Abloh is more than equipped for the task. He holds a Masters of Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology and his creativity is off the charts. The creation of Off White back in 2012 brought many dope collaborative efforts to light. His first IKEA project was to rework the FRAKTA bag. The blue bag (which has inspired other DIY designs) got a new look and the prototype is looking pretty spiffy.

It will be interesting to see what this collaboration brings to the table. Check out the broadcast (via IKEA video) above.

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