Filet Mignon Done Right at DeStefano’s Steakhouse | Brooklyn

Finding the perfect steak is tough (no pun). There is a method to cheffing up a delicious steak and DeStefano’s Steakhouse has it down to a science. Today is National Filet Mignon Day and if celebrating is on your agenda, then DeSteafano’s Steakhouse is the place. This Brooklyn Steakhouse has a solid reputation and a knack for cheffing up some of the most delicious steaks in BK. Their Filet Mignon is on point and the perfect salute to National Filet Mignon Day.

DeStefano’s offers up some of the finest cuts of meat at a reasonable price. They will deliver your option exactly how you asked, from rare to well done. The steak is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth. There’s minimal effort when slicing it and the flavor is elite. The sides provide ample support with options like garlic mashed potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and cream spinach. The cream corn came highly recommended and was a table favorite.

Filet Mignon, or Beef Fillet, is a cut of beef that is only served upon request. It is the finest and most luxurious piece of steak. Do yourself a favor today and step out to DeStefano’s for a fine Filet Mignon plate.


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