Reality Bites: Hurricane Harvey Is Teaching Us That Humanity Is Key

At a time when humanity has been tested to the tenth power, we the people have been given the task of having to reach out and help others. Hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas on Friday and has been wreaking havoc ever since. Southeast Texas is getting slammed with catastrophic floods as the rain continues to fall and people are doing what they can to survive. This is a very trying time for the people of Texas and their families. While we wait for their government to get it together, the people have to do what they can to push through.

There is so much to be said about people helping people, especially when they are total strangers to each other. Despite the recent static created to divide us, we continue to stick together and rise above it. We look to the person in charge to make the best decisions for the people but all he can offer us are mindless Tweets. Where was the evacuation plan? Where is the post-storm assistance? Is he really talking about a “Wall” right now? **insert eye roll emoji

A lot of the families dealing with Hurricane Harvey also had to deal with Hurricane Katrina so this whole nightmare is deja vu. They traveled to Texas after Katrina to start their lives over and here they are having to do it all again. Aside from the torrential rainfall and rising waters, dams were released to keep them from breaking. The science behind the weather and how it works is teaching us a harsh lesson right now. Texas is the fourth largest city in the United States and it is practically under water. Hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30th and there are other systems brewing in the waters right now. What does this mean for the rest of the country?

Having to pick up and leave your life behind to save your life is a harrowing experience. Sometimes it’s a matter of minutes between literal life or death as flood water shows no mercy. The images are heartbreaking to see. Men, women, children, and the elderly are stranded as this storm did not discriminate. Salute to the people who are going above and beyond to save lives and get people out of harm’s way. Celebrities are calling for their peers to assist in helping the people of Texas. Kevin Hart and Drake are knee-deep in trying to get help to the people of Texas.

While we may be hundreds of miles from what’s happening, there are many ways we can help. People need everything from food to clothing to baby formula and medicine to lotion and soap. Purchasing these items and donating them for delivery is a great way to help. Organizing a drive to collect these items in your area and linking with organizations in Texas for delivery is another great way to assist. There is always the option of donating money to a variety of organizations so that they can get in the trenches and help out. Whatever you decide, just make sure you do something. Every little bit helps and is absolutely necessary right now.

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