Get Your Life in 20 Minutes With Brutally Honest Podcast

Listening to podcasts are hit or miss. There are so many to choose from and finding the right one is key. Some people are not built for podcasting while others fit the bill just right. Listening to people talk for sixty minutes is OD. Unless the content is so interesting that you lose track of time, the rambling becomes intrusive. Most of us end up turning it off and never resuming. If you want it raw and uncut, Brutally Honest with Karlie Hustle podcast is twenty minutes of some of the realest talk in these streets.

The brains behind this podcast is none other than Karlie Hustle. A new episode drops every Tuesday and it is definitely something to look forward to every week. She has no desire to sugar coat anything she says and ends up vocalizing exactly what most of us are really thinking…but too afraid to say. If that’s your deal then this is the podcast for you. You know a Podcast is clutch when while you’re listening to it, you talk aloud to the host like she can hear you. She touches on everything from positive vibes only to dad issues to frontin’ to working moms to success and what it really means. No lie, this Podcast is the perfect conversation starter because it engages the mind and will make you think. You will want to listen to it and discuss it with someone, Trust. 

Check out the podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn.

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