Watch: Evita Robinson Takes Her Travel Wisdom to TED Talks

When it comes to traveling, we all know that it’s something we should do. Whether it’s by land, air, or sea, getting out and experiencing the world is an important part of life. Evita Robinson learned that from early on and made it her business to make sure that others knew it too. She started the the Nomadness Travel Tribe and they have been traveling all over the world ever since. Last week, Robinson took her travel wisdom to TED Talks, and delivered an inspiring travel chat.


The Nomadness Travel Tribe is a group geared towards getting African Americans to travel. She started the group back in 2011 and it continues to grow and manifest into something great. The group is made up of mostly African American female travelers that are located all over the world. This particular TED Talks conversation is titled, “Reclaiming the Globe”, which addresses what it means to be a Black traveler coming from America. She discusses the evolution of Black travel and how it correlates to what’s happening in the world today. Press play on the clip above to hear Evita drop knowledge and be sure to hit up the Nomadness Travel Tribe if you would like to become a member and fly. 

Photo Credit: TED Talks

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