¡SORPRESA! Bustelo Cafe Pops Up In New York City

Café Bustelo is a popular morning beverage for many people in New York City. Families have been brewing it for years and it is amazing to see it still perking in homes today. Gregorio Bustelo came to East Harlem by way of Spain and developed the dark roast, espresso-style coffee back in the 1920’s. He started selling cups of Bustelo to people and eventually opened a storefront called Bustelo Coffee Roasters. Bustelo started selling his coffee to Spanish restaurants and Bodegas throughout Spanish Harlem. Soon after, Latino families all over New York City were enjoying cups of Bustelo. Thanks to Gregorio Bustelo, Café con Leche is on heavy rotation all over the world! While his storefront is no longer in business, people still enjoy Bustelo at home. The famed coffee brand wants to bring you the ultimate Bustelo experience. They are bringing their Bustelo Pop-Up Shop and coffee truck to New York City this weekend.

The Café Bustelo Pop Up Shop Experience opens up Friday, October 13th in Nolita at 371 Broome Street. The Cafe will remain open throughout the weekend and have Live Art, DJs, Flamenco dancing, and Barista Art activities. Bustelo will be on heavy rotation throughout the day. It’s a great space to be in and stopping in should be on your weekend “To-Do” list. If you can’t get to Nolita, the Bustelo truck will be posted up in various parts of the city. Boricua College, Morningside Heights, Union Square Plaza, Bedford & 7th St., and Cooper Square & 3rd. Ave. Click here for additional information, Mobile Truck, and Café hours.

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