Lin-Manuel Miranda Sounds-Off on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a creative genius. Everyone jumped on the Lin-Manuel train when Hamilton dropped but truth be told, he’s been poppin’ since “In The Heights”. Miranda is a multi-talent and literally, everything he touches is dope. He is the brains behind Hamilton, which he started writing when In The Heights was still running back in 2008. He is a socially conscious, Pulitzer Prize-winning, Grammy-Tony-Emmy having, Puerto Rican that is at the forefront of trying to help the island get back on its feet. He stopped by Hot 97 to talk about his latest endeavors…which include a myriad of ideas for how to help fix Puerto Rico and his new track, Almost Like Praying.

When it comes to getting -ish done, Lin-Manuel Miranda is that dude.  He is currently in the process of trying to help Puerto Rico rebuild, one day at a time. He’s working hard but he’s not alone in this movement. He’s communicating with some of society’s biggest movers like Elon Musk for assistance. He is giving the proceeds from his track, Almost Like Praying, to They are a well-organized foundation and can allocate the funds accordingly, unlike other organizations. Humanity amongst the American people is at an all-time high right now. We are giving him hope that we can get the job done, despite the lack of ability and leadership from the government.

Listening to him speak is so inspiring. If you missed the interview, press play on the video above to catch it in its entirety.

PhotoCredit: Hot 97/YouTube
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