Eminem x Beyoncé Drop ‘Walk on Water’

Well, this was unexpected…

There are some collaborations that people can imagine in their heads. This Eminem and Beyoncé match-up was definitely not one of them. The pair dropped Walk on Water on a Friday afternoon and shocked the world. Beyoncé lends her vocals to the chorus while Eminem spits truth bars in a way that most aren’t used to. This single is set to appear on the Detroit rapper’s upcoming album, Revival.

Em’s bars came in a different manner on this track. It’s not the Em that we are used to but per usual, there’s a message behind what he’s saying. People expect rappers and singers to remain the same with every album they drop. It only makes sense that artists evolve and move past their experiences to create a different level of music. As listeners, we get caught in a time lapse when it comes to music. People expect the same Eminem we heard back in 1999 but that’s damn near impossible to replicate. It was a different time, he was going through different things, and all of that is reflected in the music. Eminem has grown and his life has changed a LOT. We can trust and believe that we won’t be getting that same 99-00 Em with this new album but we will be getting some dope -ish nonetheless.

Press play on the track above and look for Eminem to perform on SNL (Nov. 18th) with Chance the Rapper as the host. Should be epic.



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