And the Beef Goes on…Mase 1 – Cam’ron 0

Even though the Thanksgiving holiday is all about eating turkey, a lot of people were focused on Beef. Not steak and hamburger beef but a deeply rooted rap beef between Mason Berta aka Murder Mase and Cam’ron Giles aka Killa Cam. If you grew up in the era of DJ Clue Mixtapes then you know the exact beef of which I speak. Mase and Cam have been at it for a minute, with Cam on the attack every chance he got. After a while, people get tired of the BS and that’s just what happened. Mase dropped The Oracle, and had Twitter abuzz all Thanksgiving weekend.

Not only were people talking about Mase’s harsh bars, but they were discussing the validity of some of his claims. On top of all that, people were anxiously awaiting a Cam’ron reply. While he didn’t take as long as Nicki with a rebuttal,  he was a little slow on the comeback. His response track, Dinner Time, was soon ready and it wasn’t nearly as savage as the cover art. From the mediocre bars to the choppy amateur sound, the people expected more. It wasn’t the comeback we were expecting and many people declared that Cam took a certified L.

Mase called in during Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning to talk about the beef, the tracks, and sarcastic “makeup text” that took place in Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram comments section. Press play below for the update from Murder Mase himself and keep up with the beef as it unfolds.

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